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How-To: Retrofit the Flushmount Euro Taillight

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:17 am    Post subject: How-To: Retrofit the Flushmount Euro Taillight Reply with quote

The North American version of the CV80 (called the Beluga in Canada and the Riva 80 in the USA) was prevented from being sold with the nice flushmount taillight and blinkers found on the Japanese versions of the CV80 (likely due to DOT regulations). European owners were somewhat more fortunate as they were only deprived of the nice flushmount blinkers .

Lucky Japanese with their flushmount blinkers and taillights:

Ideally we'd be able to get a hold of a complete Japanese taillight setup but Japanese parts are extremely rare so for now the best one can do is hope to pick up the European taillight and then get creative to internalize the blinkers. The hardest part of retrofitting this part is finding yourself the European/Japanese parts. Ebay and this forum are probably your best sources but even then you'll have to look long and hard. I suspect that Japanese parts aren't actually that rare but it doesn't seem like eBay is very popular in Japan and there is also the language problem which seems to be preventing online sales with Japan.

Once you have obtained the tail-light, installing it is quite easy. The North American part (rear below) is actually the exact same part as the Euro taillight (front below) except Yamaha painted over the red lens and replaced the light sockets with rubber plugs as you can see below. Even the Euro light still has the 2 outer sockets plugged where the blinker units go in the Japanese version.

The Japanese CV80's had orange sides on the taillight (shown below) to make the blinkers orange but Yamaha opted to make this red in Europe since they were using external blinkers.

Here is a closer look at the Euro taillight. As you can see, the socket easily fits into the hole...you just line up the 2 tabs, insert it and give it a bit of a twist.

Actually installing the new tail-light is easy....first you remove the 2 screws that hold the grey trim in place underneath the taillight. These screws are kinda awkward to reach but if you remove the side panels and then use the right combinations of sockets, extensions and ratchet handles then you should be able to get at the screws. Next you need to remove another 2 awkward screws holding the taillight in place and then you're ready to bolt on the new tail-light, which is simply the reverse procedure except you may want to drill a couple holes in the metal mud flap to mount your license plate via. Oh and at some point you can remove your stock taillight unit (2 bolts).

The underside of the tailight is clear so there is ample white light present to illuminate your license plate and thus keep everything totally legal. Here is my euro taillight installed and in action:

Here are before and after photos of my Beluga:

And lastly here's a side look. Overall I'm quite pleased. Since these picture where taken I removed the taillight bracket and internalized the blinkers which has cleaned the rear end up a lot more. For info on how to internalize the blinkers check this out, it's easy:

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